Packing Your Fears

You’ve heard about it. You’ve seen it discussed in YouTube videos and blogs where people talk about this issue. You never think it’ll bite you in the ass.

I really thought I was doing well with my organisation and quantity of items. It’s been going well the past few months!
Then the day came where I was 6 hours from my train down to Georgia and everything just crumbled.
All the research and endless “what’s in my pack” videos, all the nights I would lay out my gear in my bedroom and wonder if I really needed to bring that item. So much work went into that, and now here I am on my way to Georgia with a stuffed pack.
I’m packing my fears big time, and the trail will teach me how to let go. It’ll be tough at first. I’ll wonder how I can do this, which will then lead to a meditation session where I dive deep within myself and remember that it’s part of the journey.
You don’t get by in life with everything handed to you. You have to learn and evolve. I know my pack will do that greatly as I head North. Once I can dump some winter gear back home that’ll help too.
And I packed WAY too much food. But it’ll dwindle down quick with the way my Italian self eats! Right now I’m at 34-35lbs…
These are the thoughts racing from the train, as I head South towards Amicalola.


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