The Trek

Some amazing news came into my mailbox recently!

I applied to be a blogger for awhile back, and found out I have been accepted to the team! I am beyond thrilled to be join an incredible community of fellow thruhikers and experts.

I’ll still update this blog, don’t worry! But I’ll take a lot of what I write there and link it over.

This is a huge step to help bring my love of hiking, nature, education, and photography to others in hopes to inspire folks to get outside.

In other news, today was my last day at Starbucks (my second job). It was bittersweet since I will miss many of my coworkers and customers who have become friends to me.

Guys – to any of you who might be reading this – you’re incredible. Thank you for dealing with my silliness at work, my ups and downs, and my ever wandering mind as I’ve mentally transported to the AT.

The new chapter has just begun. I’m freaking out in pure excitement! 

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